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SlovoKult :: literARTour :: Gevgelija :: Skopje :: Berlin :: 2018


is a small international festival of contemporary art, text and poetry. It will take place for the first time in two countries in 2018: in Macedonia::

24th-26th August 2018 Gevgelija – as part of the Bosh Festival http://boshfest.com 

::FACEBOOK event::

29th-30th August 2018 SkopjeGallery Acanthus


09th-10th November 2018 in Berlin, Brotfabrik

It is a group exhibition and poetry / short prose / text fragments -reading and performances on a current topic – this first year on the topic:

Fake and Fact – The Truth in Contemporary Art and Literature in Times of Fake News.

::English::Festival Manifesto::

It was great!

We thank all artists, poets, colleagues, cooperations, supporters and the wonderful audience!

We hope we will continue – in 2020 as a biennale :: for contemporary arts – poetry/text :: vision :: sound ::

All impressions from 2018 in Berlin you can find in the gallery :: 



Especially in times when politics is going a very unclear and inhumane way, we are happy to begin the presentation of our participants in Berlin with this poet :: Vasileia Oikonomou :: from Greece:: and an art work by the artist:: Doroti Pachkova :: from Macedonia:: who was part of the festival in Gevgelija and Skopje ::

:: We start international ::

Vasileia Oikonomou::

:: Rules for a game::

Doroti Pachkova:: Untitled::


The festival in Macedonia was successful :: We thank the wonderful participants, supporters and the great audience :: see you in

Berlin :: 09 and 10.11.2018 :: Brotfabrik

:: Photographic impressions from Macedonia can be found online ::

::SlovoKult:: literARTour:: Skopje

::SlovoKult:: literARTour:: Gevgelija


Finally, few days before the event, we present our special guests::
Two Editors-in-Chief of the perspektive magazine from Graz, Austria, with office in Berlin as well:: The journal publishes contemporary texts that deviate from the norms and ample individually and peculiarly – a rarity that remains almost unknown for the usual literature, that  rejects the „different“ and prefers the set „ease“.

It is wonderful world, indeed – even without support for the festival, we have outstanding guests from the literary scene of the German-speaking world::

Silvia Shtecher and ralph. b. korte ::

We present first short vita and text::

Silvia Stecher::


::SIlvia Stecher::


Our festival in Macedonia didn’t get enough support and unfortunately we have to do without great authors and artists, who we would love to have on our events :: That’s why we present poems of them online and also at the festival ::


:: Thomas Antonic :: from the poetry book ::

With an artwork by :: Dijana Tomic Radevska :: In our online-magazine(s) she is represented with several works of art, which we will present to you here :: she is a great artist, whom we could win as an art editor and whom we thank :: For the poster, for the markedly professional and wonderful engagement :: Without her the group exhibition of the festival would be much smaller, much more complicated or even impossible :: THANK YOU Dijana! We are delighted that she is present in all cities – as an artist, curator and exhibition manager!


We will celebrate the poetry of Igor Isakovski :: we will read poems of his in Skopje and in Berlin ::

An artwork from the series :: Enchanté :: by Miro Masin :: will participate in the exhibitions in Gevgelija and Skopje ::

The poem:: Fuck you Isakovski

with an artwork from the serial:: Encanté::

:: Fuck you, Isakovski ::



Works by :: Katrin Salentin ::  will participate in the exhibitions in all three cities :: Gevgelija, :: Skopje :: Berlin (here she will be personally present)::

Katrin’s art is part of our content from the very beginning: This work has even become our main profile image on Facebook! Her works were presented with poetry by Aleksandra Dimitrova – Sash, who will unfortunately not participate on the festival this year – but probably the following! And in the section:: Poem and picture with a poem by: Andrej Al-Asadi, Peter Shulej.

At SlovoKult :: Macedonian

At SlovoKult :: German

::Artist’s Web::


We have a festival manifest: for now only in Macedonian, but here is an excerpt::

„We are defying history, defying bureaucracy, defying nationalism and fascism, defying an inhuman European policy in which we are all human guinea pigs. Awareness is created for raising! Do not stay on the level of a human guinea pig, search and expect more from life, art, literature, culture, politics and society – in the twenty-first century it is least expected of a European citizen. Europeanization of the Balkans has not made any progress in the political sense yet, and the contemporary culture of the Balkan countries is little represented in the West, so perhaps it is time to balkanize Europe. The Balkans are the notion of „wildness,“ emotion, sincerity, cordiality, a notion of a struggle for life, something that Western Europe has long forgotten. The Balkans are NOT FАКЕ :: The Balkans are FACT :: which always becomes part of some big European lie :: NO! The Balkans are NOT THE POWDER KEG* in Europe! The Western Balkans are its true and real space, and not the backyard, that void, neither here – nor there, the Dirty Balkans, disconnected and unworthy of equality.“ by Elizabeta Lindner

With this NO:: we are happy in our exhibitions to welcome the work:: ОХI::Όχι::ОХИ:: by the Berlin artist zettelmann::

picture above:: another work by the artist:: from the Serial:: Gegenwerte::  objects, bricolages, things that you can put somewhere

*also a Theater-piece and Movie by Dejan Dukovski who said in an ::Interview for SlovoKult in 2008:: 

„I would like to reiterate here that the stereotypical and superficial view on the Balkans is a major problem for Europe, and in this sense I would like to emphasize that the starting point of this piece is actually the concept of the former Yugoslavia, and that of the united one Yugoslavia, that is exactly what Europe is now building up and what we have already destroyed, but we should not be reduced to the zoological garden of Europe as a „Balkan“ (:). “


His works will be part of the exhibitions in Gevgelija and Skopje :: And in Berlin he will be one of the five Macedonian participants who will attend the festival personally ::

Gjorgje Jovanoviк

Until now, his works were published on SlovoKult:: with the text (Macedonian and German):: by the fascinating German Autor Simone Kanter:: who will read on our event in Berlin:: yes! two more good reasons to visit our festival!



Artworks by Vladimir Lukash:: will be presented on the exhibitions in all three cities:: Gevgelija:: Skopje:: Berlin

Lukash is also a great writer and we will present his text works as well::

One text is available in:: German::

His artwork:: Richter:: was published with a poem by Aleksandar Kirkovski::

for now available at SlovoKult:: only in:: Macedonian::



The power of art would be nothing without the feminine power in it.

Two great women enrich our festival in all three cities :: Gevgelija :: Skopje :: Berlin ::

Silvia Lorenz with her artworks

D.A: Lori with her poems

Bei SlovoKult:: Literatur/a::

Sticky words:: D.A. Lori

Soft Cities:: Silvia Lorenz



We are so happy to welcome James Din:: Aleksandar jestrovic in all three cities::

Gevgelija:: Skopje:: Berlin::

We have one of his works (below) together with a poem by Ljubimir Micic::

His works online at:: James Din 




We have video as well:: Music by Bernays Propaganda – Lie to me, lie to me:: which is exactly right to our topic this year:: Have fun!


We have our poster :: the front page :: On the other side will be further information :: Time, program, participants, supporters … Artwork and design :: Dijana Tomik Radevska::


We do not know if these amounts of art are allowed by the state :: but there is no turning back :: Aleksandar Kirkovski’s poems are just great and a great pleasure for us :: Aleksandar will be reading in Gevgelija and Skopje :: Equally great joy for us are the great artworks by Kasiopeja Naumoska :: which will be part of the exhibitions in Macedonia :: Here we present works by them:: German and Macedonian:: Aleksandar Kirkovski::Kasiopeja Naumoska



Two other great artists we have at our events in Macedonia :: The poet, writer and editor:: Ilija Djurovic from Podgorica / Berlin :: Here with the poem K :: in three languages :: Ilija Djurovic:: K

And Artworks by Toni Shulajkovski for the exhibitions in Gevgelija and Skopje:: here with his work:: Heavenly event :: 2016 :: Shulajkovski was represented at SlovoKult:: Literatur/a from the very beginning :: together with the poems by :: Crauss.:: 

::Unfortunately no English translation yet::

But more about Ilija Djurovic in English:: at traduki



One of the artists of our group exhibition in Gevgelija and Skopje will be Kristijan Krsteski.

And here is another poem by Boshko Bozadzievski with a work of art by Kristijan Krsteski, who was also a friend of Bozadzievski.

Deutsch:: An T. S. Eliot

Македонски:: На Т.С. Елиот


Bosh Festival is dedicated to the Macedonian poet and theater actor Boshko Bozadzievski:: who died 10 years ago::

In Gevgelija you can visit this year a special exhibition „A copy shop of Love“ with works of visual artists, made to a short poem by him:: 

As a part of our SlovoKult:: literARTour:: event we will read some poems by Boshko Bozadzievski:: here is the poem Airplane-Bird in three languages:: with the artwork inspired by this poem:: Elizabeta Kostadinovska:: collage:: 2018