::Gedicht und Gebilde:: 2 ::

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::21:: Vasileia Oikonomou:: Doroti Pachkova


Rules for a game:: Κανόνες για ένα παιχνίδι

::Deutsch:: ::Македонски::

Tonight I am a dog

if you are a cat

and this will not mean more

than what is already implied


But don’t get confused and

believe in my faith

I dare you

to believe in my tongue

which remains persistent

Believe in my teeth – I’m warning you

and for sure


don’t believe in my tail

Make sure you avoid translating

the consistency of its height

or the preciseness of the rhythm

– it has nothing to do with happiness


I dare you to believe in my hunger


and above all else


in my unforced

my bestial


to sleep

at your feet


Translation:: Lena Kallergi

Picture:: Doroti Pachkova :: Untitled::