::Boshko Bozadzievski::

Airplane – Bird



Of the twentieth century.

You take them up.

On a celestial walk.

And they fly together with your

construction, imperfect,

but seductively sufficient.

An object of research.

In the evening,

you yield to the sky

and transform into

a floating star.

You twinkle, urgently.

More urgently.

A point in the eye.

You blink at them.

And we mere mortals

gather together slowly

in the asphalt harbour.

And wait. Wait. Wait…

We wait for some fucking propeller

to suck in or belch out smoke

on your sails of steel

and thereby turning you,

imperceptibly, into a celestial flipper.

You fly high,

unto the very embrace of the gods.

But I’m sorry,

you are too material.

In their embrace

are only humans

who form their own wings, themselves.

And they reach that height,

driven by a fuel

that remains unknown to you.


Translated from the Macedonian by:: Elizabeta Lindner and colleagues:: 


::Elizabeta Kostadinovska:: Extraterrestrial disturbing factor:: Collage with/to a poem:: 2018

for the exhibition „Copy Shop of Love“ :: dedicated to Boshko Bozadzievski :: and to the 10th anniversary of his death ::

:: MKC Skopje and Bosh Festival 2018 ::