D.A. Lori

Sticky Words                   ::German::                  ::Macedonian::


We rarely say what hasn’t been said before

It breaks my heart and tongue.

Just as I was about to analyze               

                                                              the anatomy of words,

                                                              My mind stopped under the pressure 

                                                               of other people’s lines


There was nothing but the sky before

and not a bit has changed since


I’m looking at it…


A big lazy centipede of a cloud

Is about to swallow my favourite star

This pale blue sky in endless rebirth

Brings more than I can bear

The heat makes my senses loose

The air is filled with sticky thoughts,

Sticky fingers around a sticky pen,

Sticky, sticky words


Translated from the Macedonian by:: the author

Artwork:: Silvia Lorenz::Soft City::2017: