Igor Isakovski

(19.09.1970 – 15.12.2014)


Fuck You, Isakovski    ::German::            ::Macedonian:: 

(here’s a title for some next poetry collection)


fuck you, Isakovski (let’s continue)

with your disdain of death

with your disdain of life

with your spitting on the everyday


fuck you, Isakovski, you and your

ideas for a better world

when you fuck up even this one,

as it is


fuck you, Isakovski, our kids

will never read your shit

thank god, we have people high up

and appropriate staff for clever solutions


fuck you, Isakovski, you and the like

because while you spit on hypocrites

and petty bourgeoisie, we simply multiply

and reproduce (like fucking germs, you’d say!)


fuck you, Isakovski, and fuck everyone like

you – we will take your measure and double check it

at the first suitable moment. if you are not with us

then you are always and forever against us.


fuck you all, Isakovski, it’s you again..!


Translated from the Macedonian by:: the Author :: artwork by :: Miro Masin