:: SlovoKult :: literARTour :: 2020 :: Biennale für zeitgenössische Künste2 :: Berlin :: AND :: the last event of the festival :: 27.03.2021 :: 8 p.m. :: ACUD-Theater :: We will present selected works by our participants 2020 :: and we will promote our publications :: STERAM ON ::

::::::::::::: das Festival findet statt :: 21.-23.12.2020 ::::::::::

:::::::::: the festival will take part :: 21.-23.12.2020 ::::::::

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:: Elizabeta Lindner Kostadinovska ::

Dear art lovers – I finally published some thoughts from  the MANIFESTO 2020 about the festival and it’s topic Plan B for the Planet X or Plan X for the Planet A... and about my poem, Anyone  Everyone No-one Joker – in Macedonian, German and English – also part of my bilingual book of poetry :: You will get information about it and about this video as well ::

THANKS to all participants, friends, supporters and people interested in arts – YOU ROCK! <3 

BOOK promotions ::  Book series :: SlovoKult :: Slovoteka :: 2020

BUCH Promotionen :: Buchreihe :: SlovoKult :: Slovothek :: 2020

(English below)

Wie bereits in der Vorstellung des Festivals angedeutet, präsentieren wir hervorragende Künstler:innen aus den Balkanländern – aber wir zeigen auch, wie sich die Kunst der freien Szene verbindet und in qualitative Zusammenarbeit wertvolle zeitgenössische Werke hervorbringt, die wir bei diesem Festival präsentieren wollen. SlovoKult :: Literaur/a Berlin hat eine Buchreihe gestartet, die bei der Biennale SlovoKult :: literARTour präsentiert wird. Die erste Sammlung ist eher eine historische, denn sowas gab es bisher noch nicht, eine mazedonische Ausgabe einer Anthologie griechischer Gegenwartslyrik in drei Sprachen (Griechisch/Mazedonisch/Englisch), zusammen mit unserem Kooperationspartner in N. Mazedonien, Art Equilibrium. Mitherausgeber aus Griechenland ist Thanos Gogos, den wir in Berlin leider nicht persönlich begrüßen und ihn als Herausgeber/Verleger/Festivalveranstalter und vor allem als Lyriker live dabei haben können, aber wir werden ihn in einem Video präsentieren.


Dear art lovers, we come to an important part of our festival :: connecting people in-spite of political conflicts between states and producing arte facts of the spirit of our times :: As you already know, Macedonia and Greece had political problems because of the name… Macedonia became North, but it happened in an undemocratic way, so for humans who support democracy and diversity, that is not the right way. But we are here for the arts.

SlovoKult :: Literaur/a Berlin has started a book series that will be presented at the Biennial SlovoKult :: literARTour. The first poetry collection is rather a historical one, because there was nothing like it before, a Macedonian edition of an Anthology of Greek contemporary poetry in three languages (Greek/Macedonian/English), together with our cooperation partner in N. Macedonia, Art Equilibrium. Co-editor from Greece is Thanos Gogos, whom we unfortunately won’t be able to welcome in person in Berlin and have him live as editor/publisher/festival organizer in Larissa and, most importantly, as a poet, but we will feature him in a video.

He is of course represented in the anthology, as one of the twenty great poetic voices from Greece, in very good English and Macedonian translation.  The editor is Elizabeta Lindner. The cover picture as well as the pictures printed in the anthology are from artworks of the Macedonian artist Djana Tomik‘ Radevska, who also did the layout and who is an important part of the festival management. She is responsible for the great exhibitions in Gevgelija and Skopje, the selection of Macedonian artists and the organization of the festival in N. Macedonia.

That is why, we are not happy about it… BUT we are delighted about our collaboration with Greek Publishers and Poets – that is a major cultural progress, which resulted with an trilingual Anthology of Contemporary Greek poetry :: Greek, Macedonian and English 

We wanted to present the book with the Editors :: Elizabeta Lindner and Thanos Gogos :: BUT …

Ein Gedicht von  :: A poem by Thanos Gogos :: in the video ::

Teilnehmer:innen :: Participants

links to Video presentations :: SlovoKult :: literARTour :: 2020

:: Poetry :: Marija Dejanović :: Croatia :: Kroatien

Time of long recovery (excerpt) :: original and translations

:: Visual Art :: Michaela Strumberger :: Berlin :: Austria :: Österreich

Altar :: 

:: Poetry :: Crauss :: Siegen :: Germany

crepesculum :: original and translations

:: Visual Art :: Irena Paskali :: Köln/Skopje :: N. Macedonia/ Germany

Auf dem Berg ::

with Sound by CNM :: lambda calculus

:: Alexander Graeff :: Text :: Berlin ::

Perpetuum Mobile /Excerpt/Auszug/Извадок

Marko Vujisic :: Visual art :: Bildende Kunst :: N. Mazedonien

Umarmung :: Embrace 

Sound by Poesi Fysik

:: Anja Kümmel :: Text

:: JD Zazie ::  Sound

:: and as part of the exhibition ::

:: ARTWORKS by Dijana Tomic Radevska ::

Maroula Blades :: Jörg Heinrich

mit ihrer / with their poetry/sound/video performance

and one festival multimedia feature with artworks by

Slavica Janeshlieva :: N. Mazedonien

:: Ron Winkler :: Text

:: Ivan Ivanovski :: visual art

:: poesi fysik :: soundscapes and concert

:: Istok Ulčar ::  Text

:: Anton Schwarzbach :: visual art


Vladimir Lukaš :: N. Mazedonien

Manuela Zlatkova :: N. Mazedonien

Eike Laeuen :: Berlin

:: Manuela Zlatkova in Skopje :: 07.09.20 ::


 :: Gundula Schiffer :: Köln :: Text

:: Dorit Trebeljhar :: Berlin :: Visual art

:: Poesi Fysik :: Berlin :: Sound 

Gundula Schiffer in Skopje :: 07.09.2020

 :: Faruk Šehić :: My private Atlantis :: 

:: Michaela Strumberger :: Conditio tragica :: 

:: JD Zazie :: Sound 

:: Sanja Mihajlovic-Kostadinovska :: Text ::  (Video)

:: Marko Vujisic :: visual art :: (exhibition)

:: Poesi Fysik :: Soundscapes & concert (live)

:: Special Guests 2020 :: Spezielle Gäste 2020 ::

The Editors of Prolog :: Magazine for Drawing and Text ::
Die Redakteure von :: Prolog :: Heft für Zeichnung und Text ::

Film :: Peter Zach 


wir gedenken Poet:innen, die Teil unserer Zeitschrift sind und bei unserer Biennale dabei wären ::

:: Sean Bonney :: who passed away on / der verstarb am ::  13.11.2019 in Berlin ::

A poem in three languages :: Ein Gedicht in drei Sprachen ::

Antimatter :: Antimaterie :: Антиматерија

Sean Bonney :: G A R A G E :: 2019
poesi fysik :: G A R A G E :: 2019

He performed his poetry with / er performte seine Lyrik mit  :: Poesi Fysik ::
soundscapes by/von Uwe Moellhusen und Wolfgang Nick :: who will be participating on / die teilnemhen werden am 13.11.20 ::

Here is a short video :: Kurzes Video :: 06.10.2019 in Loophole Berlin ::

:: Teilnehmer:innen :: die mit einem Videoauftritt dabei sind ::

:: Participants we present per VIDEO ::

:: Josip Kocev :: N. Mazedonien ::

:: Josip Kocev :: Eike Laeuen

Teil von seinem Auftritt in Skopje ::
:: Marija Grubor :: N. Mazedonien ::

::Marija Grubor :: Dorit Trebeljahr 

Teil von ihrem Auftritt in Skopje ::