:: SlovoKult:: literARTour :: 2020 ::

:: Intro ::

The main concept of the festival – as the concept of this online magazine for arts – is to connect different art expressions in togetherness – through free combination and artistic improvisations. We present every artwork separately, but their combinations that happen on the festival are the main particularity of it:  Interdisciplinary  and multimedia – and international – therefore translation is one of the arts included in the festival.

Balkan is our chosen part of Europe, that we present. There are many reasons for it, but first – we present and connect independent arts from there with Berlin and its diversity.

2018 we had the topic :: Fake oder fact :: the truth in the contemporary art :: 

2020 we have Plan B fort the Planet X or Plan X fort the Planet A.

And here are few thoughts about it.

Excerpt from the Manifesto, that will be in the printed festival anthology SlovoKult :: literARTour 2020

by Elizabeta Kostadinovska

The topic that emerged in 2019 :: Plan B for planet X or Plan X for planet A :: did not include the global corona and Covid 19 related hysteria that politicized everything, but a feeling of hopelessness and despair that is not new for this planet. Plan B, C, D… for the unknown planet or the unknown and x-times plan for the known planet – plans that constantly begin and end because they either change nothing or do not really begin.

Now is always prevented, because time and the spirit of the time do not allow us to be present and to change the present. one must always be everywhere and do hundreds of things, that are separating humans from the spirit itself and from the spirit of the time –  it is a life run to find oneself and lose oneself and be present, involved in the present without losing oneself totally and trying to reconnect to the spirit and the spirit of the time, which means  to err, explore the planet, settle down on the planet as one’s own universe and be present in the present with the spirit of the time – with the Zeitgeist – and at the same time create the future… one needs to be aware of both, because the past is not letting go, one must be one step or even several steps ahead of the past, because it is in the lead when catching up with the present, it catches up and always leads back to where we do not want to be, because we finally have to get out of there and move forward… but we cannot do that. and it is always the same, only more absurd.

For centuries. Now also on the Internet.

Therefore: Plan B or Plan X for the Planet – from the perspective of contemporary artists.


My poem Anyone Everyone No-one Joker is connecting some perspectives from the artists participating and some universal truths about the human being on the planet; the voice of the knowledge is a voice from the universe, talking to YOU and ME and HIM and HER and IT and US and THEM. Talking to Anyone Everyone No-one – to Joker (including Joker from the movie as a well known personality) – it is I and all of the others, except plural YOU, that is excluded, because that is how humans get together with the wrong idea of idolizing and idealizing a person or a voice or a message (from the TV, radio or the universe). The most important thing is to get to your own heart, spirit and personality and connect to the world in a better way. Disconnected people are normal, now we are even more disconnected – we are far away from the spirit, we need to find the important values by our selves and reconnect to the spirit – but first to find oneself – with the help by the voice from the universe – mostly to find it in the art, – and not the voice from the TV, radio or internet – that makes you be informed but uniformed and somebody else. Information is important, but being yourself is the way to filter it in a right way: the universal knowledge can’t be uniformed if it reaches a developed self – capable of thinking, loving, living and dancing.

For the video I am using a great track, that is picturing the political and social situation in Macedonia and in the world as well! called :: Byzantine agreement by the sound artist who is taking part :: CNM :: from his album :: LAMBDA CALCULUS

The title is making the whole a bit more political, because we had very bad experience these days, the Macedonian prime minister said that we are one and belong together with our permanent historical occupation Bulgaria. That is not only stupid – it is a dirty political move to start another crises in the region.

„One of the fundamental problems in fault tolerant distributed computing is the Byzantine agreement problem. Byzantine agreement requires a set of parties in a distributed environment to agree on a value even if some of the parties are corrupted.“

It was very interesting new thing for me – and it is about information, loyalty and traitors – so it is connecting to the the manifesto and the poem as well… which is in Macedonian with English translation taken from the newly published poetry collection on this picture (left – bilingual, Macedonian and German and some English translations), that you can purchase soon…

The video is a small exhibition with artworks by all participants 2020 – Dijana Tomik, Ivan Ivanovski, Nina Geshtakovska, Irena Paskali, Velimir Zernovski, Anton Schwarzbach, Eike Laeuen, Aude Carbone, Slavica Janeshlieva, Dorit Trebeljahr, Marko Vujisic and Michaela Strumberger (and me).


We will have extra program at Staalplaat :: so you will find different works by the artists and books and a tape ::

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