36::Manuela Zlatkova :: Gustav Klimt::


When I come back, there will be warfare

DEUTSCH                        МАКЕДОНСКИ

When I come back, there will be warfare.
You will shiver under your blankets
hiding your faces
freedom will be faraway
death nearby
and I shall be time.
I will sketch out world maps anew
buy all space
and play music in outer space
Nick Cave will even reach the anthills.
After you departure,
only the words sent by mail and wind will be heard.
Don’t tell anybody.
Earth is pregnant with seeds
Rotten is the time
metamorphosis is dead
I carry carbon paper in my pocket
I steal lighters from retail stores
women cry only in movies
and books.
Don’t tell anybody.
There are no available vacancies in Heaven.
Who knows, maybe when I come back,
we will have ceased to exist anymore.


Translated by Elena Petrova

::Gustav Klimt :: Death and Life :: 1911/1915