:: А1 :: Anthology of Contemporary Greek Poetry :: 
trilingual poetry collection ::
Greek :: Macedonian :: English
Editors :: Elizabeta Lindner and Thanos Gogos
Macedonian translation :: Tomislav Osmanli
English translation :: div. translators ::
Artworks and Cover picture :: Dijana Tomik Radevska
Art Equilibrium & SlovoKult :: Literatur/a

264 pages

ISBN :: 978-3-946538-0-1

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Book Series :: SlovoKult :: Slovoteka ::

A1 :: A(nthologies – 01) :: Anthology of Contemporary Greek Poetry :: 

20 Poets in three languages :: Original and translations

This is the first contemporary Greek poetry selection in Macedonian since … we actually don’t know. But at least 30 years for sure. And if we think about the political issues between the countries – this book is a huge step forward – at least for the arts and the culture.

Foreword (Excerpt) by Elizabeta Lindner

This collection of contemporary Greek poetry testifies that art is unfamiliar with the political categories that refer to division of people: borders, states, nationality, history… art transcends all of them and strives for the future, which we are already shaping.

I consider internationality and diversity to be extremely import- ant in every field and in every sense – especially in artistic exchange, where everyone is what they are: talented contempo- rary authors with a personal expression, which is universal and yet retains their cultural and linguistic peculiarity, which can affect the works, but not necessarily; it is left to individual creative freedom.

In 2018 for the first edition of the festival SlovoKult :: literAR- Tour I was looking for participants from Greece, at least for Berlin, so through a very dear colleague – translator from German to Greek, Alexandros Kypriotis, I had the opportunity to get in touch with the poet Vasileia Oikonomou. She accepted my invitation, and since she was living in Berlin at the time, could easily be part of the festival. It fills that void where politics are unable to rule in a naturally unencumbered community, to honestly and cordially recognize and acknowledge the other, regardless of some pretentious and clumsy political decisions.

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