:: SlovoKult:: literARTour :: 2020 ::

:: Biennial of contemporary arts2::

:::::::::: the festival will take part :: 21.-23.12.2020 ::::::::

:: Contents and program :: EN :: DE :: MK :: 

:: dearest art lovers :: here is our poster for this year :: made by one of our favorite artists :: Katrin Salentin ::

the topic we gave last year :: Plan B for the Planet X or Plan X for the Planet A :: became even more clear in these pandemic times.

we wish you healthy and happy life, but life without art is … gross? stupid? at least.
in these times art is an act of disobedience – because art is „prohibited“. You can eat and drink in public places, you can do religious ceremonies, but you can’t go to concerts, you can’t go to theater, readings and other cultural events. You don’t like it? We neither. Streaming is ok, but it is not enough.
In September we will be on open air, loud, colorful, international and in high artistic quality ::

We have excellent artists :: text/visual/sound and we present them interdisciplinary and in multimedia performances :: you better stay tuned and connected ::

we thank all our artists, we thank people who work like crazy to manage this ::
we will name them soon ::
we thank our Macedonian cooperation :: Art Equilibrium
we thank our partner in Berlin :: ACUD-Theater
and we thank our financial supporters ::
:: Gevgelija and Skopje :: the Macedonian Ministry of Culture ::
:: Berlin :: Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa :: traduki

:: and YOU are invited to join :: live or … we will see.

best wishes ::

Elizabeta Lindner :: Artistic director (Organization, MK and DE)
Dijana Tomik Radevska :: Artistic Director (visual Art MK and Organization)
Marija Stojanova :: Project management (MK, Organization Gevgelija)