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:: The conscientious[1] run the honorable circle in the hamster wheel of history or The responsibility for the history repeating::


:: Greetings from the future :: by :: Elizabeta Lindner ::

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Preliminary note (23.04.21): the text was published in Macedonian in June 2020 as the third part of the text series – Corona :: Reality Check. Since I could not deal sufficiently with some things and still a lot of that happened in between, I add them in advance to this text.

In the second part I mentioned (that is exactly one year ago, April 2020) that it is unbelievable how the right-wingers were allowed to be the protectors of human rights and justice. This is not only a disgrace for humanity, it is a special disgrace for all intellectuals, human rights activists, leftists, do-gooders, do-betterers and who knows who else, wishing the world well. Wishing is not enough. All of them are only embarrassing and also guilty of the fact that this game is still going on today and is brazenly used against humanity (and its rights and well-being). Every justified criticism and opinion is pushed into the right corner and to the German Querdenker-movement, that is not only absurd, but dangerous – Because it is namely the new Bringing into line, and it is indeed this time a bit LEFT – but just as stupid and dumb as ever. So a question: are you still nuts or do you already think? No, the latter I do not believe, that is an art, which one has NEVER managed in the history, to turn into something good for the mankind. Because the spirit has always been exposed to hatred and ridicule. (The body is as always in the center, the science wants to perpetuate it, wants to save it – because every body is like the other. / amended November 2021).

And now just very briefly to the dead (may they rest in peace): How does your brain cope with the fact that they are „corona victims“, if they died ON or WITH corona? Have you also thought about the many people who have not had treatment for a year? I’m sure some are already among the Corona victims, and some will be soon. What about the UNHEALTH – that has been bred here for a year? Anxiety, no sports, no culture, no social life, extra stress, existential angst, no leisure activities, and NO AIR! And information about vitamins? How important namely they are for immunity and prevention? NOWHERE! And how many of these „incidence numbers“ have now reached immunity to Corona? But these are all PRINCIPLES for a healthy life, what I want to say: SOON WE WILL BE MORE SICK AND COUNT MORE DEAD, but this is not ONLY because of Corona, it is because of the Corona measures and YOUR OBEDIENCE (along with fear, brainwashing and conformity) that are DESTROYING humanity AGAIN…. That it is a MEDICAL DICTATORSHIP, I do not have to mention here extra, everyone can think for himself and research… If he disregards the propaganda times briefly. And do not act stupidly, but really – finally try to RETHINK with your own head! (I know that most of you are doing well, after all, the middle class addressed here are not among the majority of „Corona victims“ – it is those of simpler circumstances, as the statistics have shown, but, since there is one future for all, it is worth reflecting. Especially about the vaccinated, recovered and unvaccinated – who actually do not represent any danger for „the folk“ – but that should be clear to every layman by now. – Added November 2021)

But as I said, I don’t believe that one will manage it… (But nevertheless I write all this because I actually believe that humans are able to defend their future. – Addition November 2021), although it has NEVER WORKED IN HISTORY so far and that’s actually what this text is about.

Here it is:

I really thought I wouldn’t actually write another coronial text, but I can’t help it because I have to follow… the previous essays, the past, the future…. So dear conscientious citizens, you, the wonderful and smart, intellectuals, leftists, know-it-alls and others, I addressed you in the first text when you asked for totalitarianism, and now that you have received it, I address you again. You, lest you forget that YOU are most responsible for the situation we are in, and that YOU will be blamed for the future that will not come…. BECAUSE of YOU – on a world level, worldwide. I’ve also addressed you on FB, of course, because that’s where the main criticism of the whole thing is taking place.


Do you still not understand that YOU are the ones who shape the Earth and the world and brought it here? That the responsibility for the catastrophic state of all segments of the system lies with you, and not with those who had no chance for education and enlightenment? (And possibly won’t get one because of you).

I don’t know where to start, where to continue, but let me put it this way: we are all responsible for what has happened so far, what is happening and what will happen – WE – all of us, but especially those with diplomas, degrees from colleges and already in professional positions where we are „just doing our jobs“. Not those who celebrate weddings and religious festivals or don’t want to wear masks outside (rightly so) because they are not brainwashed and want to breathe, who don’t let the air to breathe be taken away from them and remain nobly and partly unconsciously disobedient – so NO, NOT THEM are responsible for the disasters – but WE, the „educated“! (who are supposed to speak for and protect the socially threatened and poor).


WE have allowed all information and happenings to be weaponized against humanity and the planet. Do we all seriously want to give up our lives and participate in the enlightenment of political medicine or medical politics? Does the life of children depend on numbers or on facts? On human dignity or on fake news and unhealthiness? Or on propaganda? Or on a rational approach to the opportunities we take away from ourselves because we get into a situation that breeds psychopathy because it can’t help itself. Looking around, looking at ourselves – inward to see where we are…. What we will see is – we are nowhere, because we are continuously turning the hamster wheel, moving but marking time, as our ancestors did not move, but simulated a present until today (and we continue), and that is where the saying comes from: history repeats itself, not to say WE repeat history, because guilt, of course, is always either neutral, unspoken, or transfers to the unknown others…. But enough is enough, at this point we can say WE repeat history. Yes, we, all those who should be involved in making the right decisions for the system and society, progressive and focused on quality and renewal, not on insatiable consumption, lies and destruction; but no, instead of questioning and criticizing, we get on the wheel and race to nowhere, neither left nor right, just straight ahead, moving forward on the spot, not moving from the spot. Same, though, a little bit different. With a technical progress that enslaves us even more, that is directed against humanity (as the great minds predicted). Because the spirit of the times has always been fucked, at all times. And we are also the fruits of it, intimidated, insecure, and in the worst case brainwashed (again), because the Zeitgeist is just not present where it should be, but always in a future that we do not reach.


: Photo :: John Masters ::

Does anyone notice that the propaganda industry has been running at full speed for a long time? I’m not saying the hospital staff isn’t suffering, but really, why only because of Corona? No, now I’m talking about the presentation of suffering and patheticness reminiscent of telenovela or soap opera. Perfect propaganda washes the brain much better and more effectively, fear and insecurity are other conditions for its success. Doesn’t anyone realize that there is not an ounce of motivation to change something for the better? Does everyone have only pathos and whining at the ready? Don’t you realize that millions of euros are being spent on new drones instead of life improvements? Because drones are of course the be-all and end-all for the Corona times: they (the big brothers and their few sisters) can watch us better and shoot us when needed. Are you all fixated on news and press conferences? Have you forgotten that life exists, but that all disasters begin with the twisting of feelings and thoughts that take away the „normality“ that does not exist EXACTLY because of the history repeating itself, because it was taken away too many times and did not come back. It will not return even now, because most of the intellectuals, „left-thinkers“, as ever, are not able neither to prevent its taking away nor to enable its return – we will not get it back also this time, because it is traditionally lost to us and we will never manage to restore it and to prepare a worthy future….

No, we won’t this time either, because we are constantly moving towards economic „progress“ with the hamster wheel, which only makes sense for a small percentage of the planet and their „fellow runners“, – who of course have much nicer and more expensive hamster wheels. Well, I guess this is our last chance to try to recover, because when this last “ normality“ is gone, we are all gone – not Corona conditioned, but we will be left „without air“ in the true sense of the word. (I can’t breathe, just a little reminder). I can’t breathe, we can’t breathe. If the system still takes away our air to breathe, then we are not worthy of a life. But for some it fits, some are hypochondriacal, compulsive, some even develop a kind of fetish with masks, and it is not bad to train life with masks, because soon we will get gas masks, so it will not be necessary to know and to recognize each other, we will have few things in mind – breathe carefully and run home quickly – if we are lucky to have one, because many will lose it, and maybe get a bed in some x-shelter or hospital (depending on whether they bring money or not, otherwise dying is actually quite ok, not a burden on the capitalist system) – but there will also be a substitute for home that will look like a camp – and we will all get serial numbers instead of names and aps instead of documents. Drones and digital tracking will be watching to see if we are behaving or need to be shot.

This is neither the first nor the last dystopia for a literary work or film, but this will not remain pure fiction, for We are already seeing it, and soon it will not be strange or surprising to us, for we know and can do nothing else, than to enable the deprivation of normality and silently support the creation of crises and catastrophes – We are so good at it, graduate and doctoral creators of human misfortune and calamity, but convinced that we do a lot and give everything for humanity – (even wearing masks and getting vaccinated out of solidarity! [2]) and in fact we are destroying it at the core. And what is most tragic, WE SEE and know that it is so, but still the dizziness caused by propaganda does not allow us to react properly – we run forward like hamsters to nowhere, wearing masks (and vaccinated) of course, and spreading propaganda wisdom on Facebook, because everyone is very smart and the smart-shitting does not stop. An oasis for propaganda.


Are we now counting how many healthy cells we have left in our heads? Or is psychopathy becoming our new normal?


Not for me. Fremdschämen – external shame – eats me up. I’m ashamed of everyone and of myself…. I am ashamed for every lost life in Yemen, in the Mediterranean, in Afghanistan, in Syria, in Libya … since years in EU as well and meanwhile also ON or WITH Corona and ON and WITH some hospital germs in addition, which are not tested. I am ashamed of every starving child in the world and in Europe, I am ashamed of the poverty, the diseases, the injustice, the Second World War and the First World War, I am ashamed that the World War is not over. I am ashamed of every war we have not prevented, and now we are again allowing the world to be divided and closed, life to be destroyed under the pretext of being saved, through fear alarms and a call for morality and solidarity…. all based on unverified data, because there is NO ONE to verify and transmit their authenticity[3].

The conscientious have always obeyed the law, the conscientious have always been good citizens of any state, the conscientious have always been obedient servants of their masters, the conscientious have always been silent and responsible for all wars… because they have not been able to ask critical questions, to oppose any injustice, to allow any deprivation of „normality“. Because conscientious people are always either fearful or conformist or both.

Because, as in any war, first there is a madness that is all about putting serial numbers and codes on people to destroy the last human dignity that needs to be shown to children so they know how to build a future … here we are stuck again because we are not able to reach the future – at least not without the last normality and the desire to get rid of the eternal abnormality – through love for the PLANET, for the LIFE OF OTHERS, because if it were about the lives of OTHERS, we would not just watch the world decay in bombs and human victims, poverty and disgust. But no, WE only wake up when OUR white lives are at stake, and this waking up is unfortunately only complicity in a new catastrophe for the whole world. We have read the brightest minds in vain, it is all in vain, Corona and Covid cause amnesia, brain amputation, transformation into other people…. In a reality without normality, this is not recognizable … Brains are fixed on numbers and hopes that do not exist, mixed with the belief that the best will be done, YES, the best, just like in Nazi Germany, all were convinced they were doing their best, they were silent and nodding their heads for a „better future“, so all, well done, their job very well done, bravo! Herds-like together in the hamster wheel – which is certainly a great improvement for the powerful, a perfect training of the subjects – even without carrots, which in turn means even more profit, they don’t have to spend anything to earn, they just have to take – the money ends up in the same vaults and banks, while the masked (and meanwhile many: Vaccinated in solidarity) turn the honorable circles on the wheel of history, convinced that this is necessary, without realizing that the shorthand is the same, only the game is a little different, and the result will be the same: to prevent the future.

:: Photo :: John Masters ::

It’s time to get off the hamster wheel…. otherwise the place we are stuck in will no longer be suitable and destined for life…. And if death by Corona is really scarier and worse than all other deaths… then we can continue with the wheel, chop chop, the same thing happens to all of us, we will all die, so why leave the repetition of history? It’s enough to declare on FB: We are such a stupid people (no masks, no order, no discipline!), we are good for nothing – thinking to yourselves, of course the others, of course not ourselves, the smart ones, the educated ones, who do everything they are told, obedient, nice, saviors…. History will repeat itself, just because the best of the best are the smartest, and support the best decisions – as always and forever „they just do their job and know what’s best“ – well, but this forever is almost over, it will soon come to its end … This forever is very close to the nowhere, unless the wheel throws us out and it gets stuck, breaks down, – then we can’t go back on it and really have to run, – but in any case we have to do better than the bigwigs who actually want to install the giant wheel in our society, so that we then all turn together on a hamster wheel and they can continue to simulate progress.



(By now it is already known how effective vaccinations are, that the unvaccinated are not an actual danger, but still, they push to vaccinate everyone and exclude those from society – instead of finding a better solution for everyone. Because this is clearly not one.)


[1] A synonym for „The obedient“, last year in Macedonia they called the „good citizens“ that way, wearing masks and pointing fingers at the „disobedient“. Those who first voluntarily get vaccinated because they feel they are good people or even better people. Because of them, people will soon point fingers at „unvaccinated“ or possibly mark and exclude them? Here it is only about the undemocratic labeling, the sign for it does not matter at all, what is important is that it happens.

[2] Let vaccinate – was added in the translation that came much later. About wearing masks I have also said my opinion, which I now reproduce changed and supplemented: you need the air as it is, outside everything is safe, in the closed room with distance is also good, in small rooms without good ventilation it makes sense to wear a mask, but not longer than 15 minutes. The damage you can do is unfortunately already seen – children get sick with viruses because the masks and no contacts with their friends at school have weakened their immunity. This is scientifically proven, but also any thinking individual can assess this for themselves, you don’t forget important biological processes. Mask wearing can be avoided if everyone tested negative, that would probably be better and no matter if vaccinated or unvaccinated, because the probability of infection is smaller. And even if these are not high-risk groups, there is no objection to it.

[3] Propaganda and manipulation are methods of capitalism that spread poverty and wealth. Always in the same place.

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