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Coming from a DJ and radiophonic background, JD Zazie has over the years explored different approaches to real-time manipulation on hard-recorded sounds.
Her work redefines DJ and electroacoustic activities. As a solo performer, in small groups or large ensembles, she operates in a realm that constantly pushes the boundaries of what DJ mixing, free improvisation and composed music should be.

As a sound-artist she was live for the stream of the Biennial SlovoKult :: literARTour 2020 in Berlin – ACUD Theater, playing soundscapes for the reading and playing a concert – presenting the sound of her latest album ::

:: Memory loss :: JD Zazie at Bandcamp ::

:: 15 Minutes great sound by her (and all sound participants at the festival 2020 :: poesi fysik :: CNM :: Toni Dimitrov) you can find on our festival tape in a very limited edition :: more from JD Zazie also at Staalplaat Berlin ::

The concert in Youtube ::

The Soundscapes to the reading of Anja Kümmel ::