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soundscapes at the event + concert :: 22.12.20 ::

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p o e s i  f y s i k – excerpts from  f o r e w o r d  to the  f u t u r e

poesi fysik at G A R A G E

foreword to the future named current series of direct sound-actionism
recorded at the artists space G A R A G E : berlin, november 2020.
these sound actions are documented without any post-production or mastering.
a document of happenings / unexpected twists / unintentional accidents …

poesi fysik is part of the new primitive movement and the poor music society.
berlin based artists u. moellhusen and w. nick use old broken instruments,
primitive sound installations,  found objects, environment, electronic feedback

and analog soundmodulation …
“ we dont wanna pay for instruments /
the world is a cluster of sound /
the streets are paved with sound objects „

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