::44::Nenad Joldeski :: Eike Laeuen::


you have pulled all the hairs from your body
and planted the locks in dry earth

maybe some day something will sprout you tell yourself
it will be as slow and sweet as when water grinds rock

while the world passes you by with the speed of light
and yesterday the wind swept the dead hair you offered up

and tomorrow the earth will be flat and you will be the first at its edge
and any old fool will push you outside of this cold world

and then God may finally have mercy on you and kiss you
and will embrace you and give you eternal peace with blessed white blindness

whereas here the same bombs will fall and wild devils will ride on them
and your sons will be the first victims of the new fire you left behind

while you naked and stiff and with a golden womb that keeps the urine of the world
will rot in dizzying pirouettes through the dark universe – unable even to repent


Traslated by Igor Popovski


::Eike Laeuen :: Untitled:: O.T.:: 2003