(for Igor Isakovski)


Design Beeing is everywhere


learning to fly

recognise everything else

for a moment

like black smithereens

everything gleams still. Then –


our world

Yo- ur world.

My world.

„What world?“

„What everything?“



A Dance of Death

is anyway eternal

like poetry

like literary translation

Wordmusic in pictures…

I mean.



the sun dived in its light

the same brass sign

14 rays, almost night

how much time, years

plenty of pictures on which one can see

something that reminds on a big pink ball

and hats in different colors


on the threshold

and on its first bicycle


а window vanishes


(Text 1: Collage with cut out words; Text 2: reduction of words in an excerpt from Harry Potter, that works as a short „description“ of the Collage)